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Animal Policy International works to effectively improve the welfare and lives of millions of farmed animals through evidence based research and advocacy.


Our current focus is on trade-related issues impacting animal welfare. 


Our mission is to ensure that animal welfare standards are upheld in international trade policy. 

Our work

International trade in animal products is ever-growing - and can have a significant detrimental impact on animal welfare. 

Currently, imported animal products are exempt from most national or regional animal welfare rules that people have worked so hard to get implemented. For instance, while battery cages for hens are banned in the UK, they remain prevalent in other regions, and continue to be imported.

At Animal Policy International, we collaborate with policymakers and other stakeholders to address this issue. We advocate for responsible animal product imports, calling on countries with more robust farmed animal welfare laws to extend their standards to imported products. This aligns with public expectations for real change for animals, helps create fairer conditions for farmers and their families, and promotes higher animal welfare standards in low-welfare countries.

Meet our team

Our work and culture are guided by our values, which include being impact-focused, effective, self-leaders, agile, and transparent. We strive to create the most positive change in the world through our ambitious approach to impact.

Mandy profile.png

Mandy Carter

Co-Executive Director

Rainer profile.png

Rainer Kravets

Co-Executive Director

Mona profile.png

Mona Oliver

Public Affairs Manager

Catherine Jefferson.png

Catherine Jefferson


Matt profile_edited.jpg

Matt Sharp


Shin profile_edited.jpg

Shin Yeu Chew


Sabina profile.png

Sabina Bravo


Cass Maughan.png

Cass Maughan



Dylan Chambers.png

Dylan Chambers

Deborah Brewster.png

Deborah Brewster

Karolina Sarek.png

Karolina Sarek

Scott Weathers.png

Scott Weathers

Aidan Alexander.png

Aidan Alexander

Olga Kikou.png

Olga Kikou

Tashi Thomas.png

Tashi Thomas

Ben Czapnik.png

Ben Czapnik


Our work has been generously supported by:

Effective Altruism Animal Welfare Fund, Stray Dog Institute, Tiny Beam Fund, Craigslist Charitable Fund, Lush Charity Pot, Charity Entrepreneurship and individual donors. Thank you for your support.

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Animal Policy International is a member of World Federation for Animals, Asia for Animals, and Aquatic Animal Alliance.

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Get involved

Interested in supporting the work to advance animal welfare in international trade? We are looking for volunteers in different domains such as research, social media, and communications. Please indicate your interest by filling this application form.

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